Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drumroll Please.....

Wow...this was more complicated than I thought! ;) With SO many prizes to draw for, and making sure that no one got their own donation, I had a little switching-around/re-draws to do, but it all worked out fairly in the end, thanks to Random.org I numbered all the prizes and all the entries for the raffle, and then let Random do the picking/matching. A couple of very lucky (BLESSED!) winners even won their 1st choice! I wish I had a prize for EVERY person who supported us in this fundraiser. All of the prayers and encouragement have been such a blessing, and we sincerely thank you all for your support!

"Everytime I think of you, I give thanks to my God!"
(~Phillipians 1:3)

Okay, on with the prizes:
  1. The Rainbow Roll (by Shay) ~ Gwen (4 Boys & a Little Lady)
  2. Special Occasions Personalized Banner (by Ashley) ~ Karen Lana
  3. $25 Etsy Gift Certificate to MCC Designs ~ DiJo
  4. Girly Girl Bowtique Hair Accessories ~ Jean
  5. $25 Etsy Gift Certificate to MCC Designs ~ Stephanie (Creating Blessings)
  6. Jenna Lou Original "Amy" purse ~ Rhonda
  7. Hello Kitty toy and hair clippies ~ Tami (Seaglass and Jade)
  8. American Girl "Elizabeth" dress set ~ Rambling Mother
  9. 3 Children's Books Bundle ~ Chris and Sarah
  10. Panda Bear Clippies and Choice of ruffled Sox ~ Jenn (Love Like Crazy)
  11. Special Occasions Personalized Banner (by Ashley) ~ McNew Family
  12. "Cross My Heart" table runner (by Valerie) ~ Molly
  13. Lil' Twirl Umbrella Twirl Skirt (by Valerie) ~ Shannon
  14. Pampered Chef gift bundle ~ Tara
  15. "Armor of God" Teddy Bear ~ Holly
  16. Vera Bradley purse ~ Sara (Football & Fried Rice)
  17. Toby Mac "Tonight" CD ~ Jess :) (Follow the Journey)
  18. Casting Crowns "Until the Whole World Hears" CD ~ Janet Cowan
  19. Third Day "Revelation" CD ~ Valerie
  20. Hand Beaded "Mother Nature" Serving Set (by Holly) ~ Ashley (Ashlynn Rose)
  21. Hand Beaded "Marina" Serving Set (by Holly) ~ Becca
  22. "Children of the World" beaded flatwear/plate set (by Holly) ~ Lund7
  23. BellaBlush Designs Notecard Set (by Daleea) ~ Tonya (Take the Leap)
  24. Home Interiors Plush Decorative Snowmen ~ Laurie (A Day in the Life)
  25. Home Interiors Transportation Construction Plaques ~ Verna
  26. "Red Thread" Hand-Beaded Watch (by Molly) ~ The Ferrills
  27. Kutless "It Is Well" CD ~ JD

*I will contact the doner's with the winner's contact info so that you can get their prizes to them. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks again!! :)


  1. Oh my word! Are you kidding me? I actually WON that?! I never, ever, ever win anything...and then to win the very item I absolutely had fallen in love with?! I am so tickled.

    I think my Heavenly Father knew I'd be a little blue today and gave me that blessing. *sigh* He's so good.

  2. Yaaaaaay! I am SO thrilled for everyone ... but especially Molly! 'Cuz she hinted that she kinda wanted that a few times. How cool! I really wanted her to have it too! And the skirt?! I wanted Georgia to have that too. Is this not amazing?!
    I love these fundraisers--the funds raised for such a tremendous cause to help fund the journeyl to Khloe and the blessings overflowing to others. SO BLESSED! Thank you Tanya!

  3. It looks like a success!!! I think that everyone will be REALLY pleased with their winnings...of course, there wasn't a "bad" prize in the bunch! Great job with the fundraiser, Tanya! :)

  4. What a great success and a lot of hard work. I can't believe I won. I am happy to see God bringing everyone together for a great cause. I look forward to seeing updates on your journey.

    Janet Cowan

  5. Yippee!! I will look for an email with the address of the 3 recipients of the beaded flatware and the one Children of the World plate with flatware :)
    BIG hugs,

  6. Ok...I am in tears here. There is nothing that I could want more than seeing Georgia twirl in a skirt from Valerie! Seriously, I love Valerie's heart so much and she has been SUCH an encouragement to me. I love how God orchestrates these give aways! The only other thing I have EVER won was the tiger hat in honor of Tristan.
    Thanks so much for the honor of helping with your journey!!!

  7. I received a CD in the mail today, and I was thrilled! And baffled! I had no idea how in the world... LOL

    My laptop crashed, beyond repair, and with it went much of the music I had purchased recently. I have been looking for music to replenish my repertoire with, and voila... an awesome CD landed in my mailbox! How GOD is that??!

    I had been praying for your trip and your fund raising, but had forgotten about these prizes until checking the mail today.

    Thank you for blessing me -- I would have given either way, but this sure made my day!

    Thank you, Tanya, and thank you to the ones who donated these items! Very grateful!


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