Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thank You!!

I want to thank EACH and every one of you who donated to our fundraiser. I will be drawing names for the raffle prizes tomorrow. For some reason, I had my Chip-In widgit set wrong, and it ended sooner than it was supposed to. I know I told everyone it would be open through midnight tonight...but it ended at 2am last night. I received a few emails from people who still wanted to donate, so since we are still short on funds, I added a new widget. It will be open for our remaining week here. However, the raffle will only be open until noon on Monday the 3rd, after which I will be drawing names for the prizes as scheduled. If you still want to donate and be considered for the prizes, please do so as soon as possible and leave a comment here so that I know to enter you! Thanks again to everyone who already helped us to raise just over $2000... we are SO grateful for each of you!
Blessings and Hugs!!

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  1. Please let me know the address and name of the recipient of the silverware and plate! it all going to one person or several different winners?
    Let me know!


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